1. What’s a B-Group?

B-Groups (Building Groups) meet regularly to hang out, study the Bible, and give members mutual encouragement. You can unload your problems, ask your questions, air your spiritual concerns, and also celebrate your achievements with people who understand what you’re going through.

2. What kind of groups are there?

  • Married Couples
  • Married Men Only
  • Married Women Only
  • Single Males Only
  • Single Females Only
  • Mixed Singles
  • Professionals Group
  • Business Men Group
  • Fulltime Mothers Group
  • College and High School Students
  • Senior Citizens Women Only
  • Senior Citizens Men Only

See the list of Existing Groups.

3. Where do they meet?

B-Groups meet weekly wherever is most convenient for members. Some meet right here at the Church. Others meet at offices, campuses, or homes. As long as Bradford’s reputation isn’t compromised, all that matters is that the place is good for discussions and Bible study.

4. Is this a members-only thing?

You don’t have to be a Bradford member to be part of a B-Group! Anyone who wants to learn more about God is welcome. (If you’re already a Church member, regular, or volunteer, we highly encourage you to join.)

5. How do I sign up?

  • Get a B-Group Placement Card at:
    • The B-Group Management Table, at the foyer rack
    • The Church Office
  • On Sunday, fill up and tear off the Feedback Form in the Weekly Church Bulletin.
  • Wait for a text message from the B-Group Placement Manager

6. Then, what happens?

The Placement Manager will look for a suitable B-Group based on your preferences. As soon as they find one, they’ll contact you. If you don’t hear from them after a week, you can follow up your request by calling the Church Office.

7. Wait, will I fit in? What if I don’t like my B-Group?

The B-Group placement team will do its best to put you in a group where you’ll fit in, based on the information you give. But if you don’t like your group after trying it out, you can move to another one. Just tell your B-Group leader and/or the placement team about your decision.

8. Do I have to share personal stuff? I’m a very private person.

Only if you want to. If you do share, don’t worry. B-Group members are sworn to strict confidentiality.

9. I don’t go to Bradford. Do I have to start attending the worship services when I join a B-Group?

No. We encourage you to, though; they’re good for your spiritual growth. Also, some of our Bible studies are based on the Sunday messages. But if you’re not ready to join our church, or if you’re fine attending your current church, you don’t have to come on Sunday.

10. So what will be expected of me?

  • Attend the weekly gatherings.
  • Participate in the discussions.
  • Commit to confidentiality, honesty, mutual respect, and diligent study.


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