Church Information

  • Name: Cabangahan Evangelical Church
  • Pastor: Ptr. Charlito Castro
  • Location:  Cabangahan, Cebu

The Cabangahan Evangelical Church was formed on May 22, 1994 with its first worship service at the residence of Dunstan Mission. The first members of the church were from the Rev. Felipe Bontuyan Memorial Church. A temporary church council was formed, led by Alegria H. Singson, Restituto T. Bihag, and Edward M. Matuguina. During the first election of the church council on January 8, 1995, four elders, six deacons, a secretary, a treasurer, and a financial secretary were elected. Dunstan Mission was elected as the first council chairman. The laying of the cornerstone of the church building was on May 15, 1995 at the lot donated by Dunstan Mission during its first anniversary. The group called Pastor Saturnino Mambat from the Assembly of God on June 5, 1995 as its part-time pastor. It continued to hold worship services at the Mission residence until October 29, 1995, when the first worship service was held at the newly-constructed church building. On July 16, 1996, the Cabangahan Evangelical Church officially affiliated with BUCCI. The following pastors led the congregation: Pastors Kirk Importante 1997-1998, Robert de Rosas 1998-2003, Armando Jacalan 2004-2006, Manuel Pineda 2007-2011. The church continues to grow faithfully in serving God with Pastor Charlito Castro. The church council holds an annual Strategic Planning Session wherein the activities are laid out. The plan covers Evangelism, Worship, Christian Education, special Sundays, monthly activities, and sports and recreation. In support of BUCCI’s 2020 vision, the church conducts regular weekly Bible classes to children in two outreach areas: lower Cabangahan and Sitio Magdagook. The church continues to train more members for evangelism.