Church Information

  • Name: Cabantan Evangelical Church
  • Pastor: Ptr. Roel Alino
  • Location:  Cabantan, Cebu City

BUCCI Cabantan church started with the help of World Vision through their Fount of Mercy Project. In 1976, the project started through the leadership of Bradford Church. There were about 20 families who became pioneer members of the newly planted congregation. As a result of the growth the new church experienced, the plan to build an edifice to house the growing congregation was conceptualized in 1986. After two years the plan was realized. On December 22, 1988, BUCCI Cabantan church was dedicated to the Lord. At present, the church is under the care of Ptr. Roel Aliño with a total of 90 members. It has outreaches in Makro, New Era and Bakilid. Active cell groups meet weekly in the church vicinity. In line with BUCCI’s 2020 vision, BUCCI Cabantan has committed to plant two more churches by mobilizing and consolidating Bible study groups in strategic locations.