Covenant Choir

This inter-generational choir will continue to sing by God’s grace and for His glory to uplift the spirits of the faithful with the gift of music.

Bradford Church is not only known locally as a pioneer Christian church in Cebu City but also for her music. Originally formed as the Covenant Fellowship in 1974, the group transformed into the Bradford Covenant Choir in September 1975, and was commissioned to sing primarily in the 7:30AM worship service. For 20 years now, it has been performing under the baton of Rev. Jimmy Salar.

Over the years, Bradford Covenant Choir has rendered praises to our God through harmonious renditions of various anthems and hymns. Among others, its signature pieces include A. Malotte’s “The Lord’s Prayer,” T. Fettke’s “The Glory and Majesty of Your Name,” “He Is Alive” at Easter and the all-year-round classic, G.F. Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.”

Aside from rendering melodious anthems for regular Sunday worship, the Covenant Choir also spearheads the church-organized 100-voice chorale for annual Christmas Cantatas that are performed in the church and in public venues within the city. In 2010, “Gloria, A Christmas Experience” was performed at SM Cinema and Ayala Center Cebu. The next two years, “The Joy of Christmas” and “Hallelujah! Jesus is Born!” were performed consecutively at the Ayala Center Cebu and J Centre Mall.

Chancel Choir

Our Bradford Chancel Choir was once known as the “Zion Choir” or the “Wednesday Choir” originally singing during Midweek services. Presently, this Choir also sings every Sunday during the 10 o’clock worship service.

The highest degree of commitment and dedication are trademarks of the Bradford Chancel Choir. At a moment’s notice, it responds to visiting a church member or any from outreach church, singing at some special occasions, wakes or funeral services.

The directorship was passed on from Evangeline Martinez to Aster Schaare, then Norman Oville, later Oliver Barrett, and now to Joshua Gabuya. Today’s Bradford Chancel Choir has indeed gone a long way in quality choral singing. Whether it is a concert repertoire, “worship through music”, a musical play or a simple but spiritually uplifting anthems, this choir puts in its very best. Certainly believing that “Soon this life will pass, only what is done for Christ will last”, its members are giving their best to the Lord. A passage from a beautiful song serves as a challenge: “I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live. I will praise my God while I have my being!”

Timothy Choir (Youth)

The month of September is the most anticipated month for the youth of Bradford United Church of Christ Incorporated. They have been accustomed to the annual Youth plays patterned after great Bible characters and stories. These plays involve a chorale, which is usually conducted by Rev. Fraxedes Sabayle, in order to complete its musical scoring and add beauty to the highlights of the event.

An idea of forming a separate youth choir group came to the church leaders after being able to evaluate the many successful performances in the past and by God’s grace, this plan materialized in the year 2012. It initially started out as a group of young people, which was first called the “Youth Choir”, conducted by Joshua Gabuya and monitored by Pastor Cleo James Millamena, who stood as the youth pastor at that time. The young adults were then encouraged to join in order to fill in the empty voices and were later on called the “YAYA Choir” (Youth and Young Adults Choir). This ministry dedicated itself to serve God through songs and prepare the hearts of the people before they heard God’s Word. After a few rehearsals, the number of members slowly dwindled down.

After this slow decline, one youth leader, Christian Vidal prayed and acted upon this concern. He asked Jeffrey Kean Cañas, a member of the youth core to lead and conduct the choir, thus, making him the official youth choir conductor. He asked Deifilia Janelle M. Reloj, a member of the youth staff assist and help him out with organizing the group. Not long after, this group stood back on its feet and by the grace of God, they had their debut performance last January 2013 during the Vesper Contemporary service with the song, “Arise”. From then on, they were called the “Timothy Choir”, named after young Timothy in the Bible and inspired by the verse “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12 (NIV)

The youthful energy and commitment of the group shows that young people can be used by God to minister to His people. To keep the Timothy choir going, it has dedicated itself to weekly joint devotion with the Praise and Worship Team in order to get to know the One they are serving even more.

The Timothy Choir is asked to sing every second and last Sunday of the month. Moreover, as part of the church’s 2020 vision, they continually offer themselves in service to this ministry and is gearing toward being entrusted with the choir slot for all Contemporary Worship Services, which was the original plan for them.

Weekly Events

Practice (Covenant Choir) Saturday 7:00PM
Practice (Chancel Choir) Tuesday 6:00PM and Saturday 5:00PM
Practice (Youth Choir) Saturday 7:00PM

Annual Events

Christmas Cantata December
Easter Cantata April