Church Information

  • Name: Cogon-Pardo Bradford Church
  • Pastor: Rev. Robert De Rosas and Ptr. Juvane Paler (Intern-Pastor)
  • Location:  Cogon, Pardo Cebu City

Cogon-Pardo Bradford Church (then Tagunol fellowship) started as an adult Bible Study group at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Bavillo Bation every Thursday evening. Classes for children were held every Saturday afternoon. The Bible Studies were handled by Rev. Wilbert Yasi, Rev. Nelson Flores and Rev. Henry Cari-at. The children’s classes were handled by Ptr. Maggie Novela and one intern from the Evangelical Theological College of the Philippines (ETCP). As time went on, Elder Erlinda Bation requested Rev. Robert de Rosas to establish a church in the area because the group had grown in number and they could no longer be housed at their residence. The group gathered on Sunday afternoon for worship service. With faithful prayers of Elder Erlinda and Rev. Robert, the group held their first worship service on May 8, 2011. With more than 30 people meeting in the garage for worship, our then BUCCI Missions Ministry Chairperson Elder Fe Vegnon Salvador, proposed that the group be recognized as a mission field. Later, 11 new members were baptized, and the fellowship continued to expand. On its 1st Founding Anniversary, the fellowship baptized another four new members. The small gathering continued to worship in that place until God provided a small lot at the opposite side of the Bation residence. They built a small edifice for regular worship and fellowship. On June, 2013 the fellowship was declared as a local church.