Evangelism: the first step of growth in the body of Christ. In our church, Evangelism involves many parts:

  1. Bridging. Our regular bridging events are the worship services, tract distribution, medical missions, camps, DVBS, and other major events like Christmas Cantata, True Love Waits, True Love Remains, etc., in which one goal is aimed: to reach out lost souls for Christ.
  2. Monitoring, because communication is a very essential part of evangelism. We do follow up through media after one hears the gospel of Christ and invite them to other activities of the church that help them grow in their faith.
  3. Ushering. We value a lot our visitors who would join us in the services because we believe that out of those catered visitors will rise the next leaders of the church.
  4. World Evangelism. As a church, we participate in the proclamation of the gospel throughout the world by praying, sending, mobilizing, and going to places where Christ is least preached.

Missions Evangelism & Church Planting is one of the major ministries in our church. This ministry covers the Cross-cultural Missions whether its foreign or local and responsible in the mobilizing and monitoring of Evangelism works of all networks, ministries and B-groups of all local churches, affiliates and daughter churches of BUCCI. Church Planting is also a major thrust in this ministry where a movement of multiplying churches and communities is our distinctive feature.


This ministry envisions of reproducing healthy, growing, multiplying Christian churches and communities committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission for God’s greater glory.


The strength of IPOD 5C that should be seen in every member and leaders of every church under its fold accomplish this vision:

  • Intimacy with God
  • Purpose Driven Life
  • Obedience to the calling
  • Disciple, Discipler to Disciple-Maker
  • Commission-Church
  • Christian- Movement
  • Christ-Centered
  • Cross-Cultural
  • Christian-Teamwork


Medical Missions A few times per year
Tract Distribution A few times per year
Zealots Thursday 6:00 PM at Sacred Heart Gym (Old Campus)
Missions Exposure April – May
Evanglism Trainings A few times per year
Films Showing A few times per year
Feeding Programs Main church – Monthly
Tacloban – Weekly
Bohol – Weekly
CART (Crisis Action Relief Team) (Based on need)

Medical Missions

Church members who are by profession Doctors, Nurses and others in the medical field volunteer to conduct free check-ups, and provide free medicines. Usual locations for Medical Missions are areas where our outreach churches are located, though we also conduct them in other areas, based on the need – Leyte and Bantayan, for example, after typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan. Aside from medical services, we also bring with us the Word of God and share it with those who are willing to listen.

Tract Distribution

We distribute Gospel Tracts in various times and in various locations, such as school campuses.

Zealots Sports Ministry (Basketball / Ping-pong)

A weekly basketball game not just aimed at promoting health and wellness, but also reaching out to sports enthusiasts. A short Bible Study or evangelistic message is shared mid-game.

Missions Exposure

Church members volunteer to be assigned to various outreach, usually very remote locations for a short, usually week-long, assignments. The purpose is not just to bring the gospel to such locations, by conducting Bible Studies, organizing fellowships or trainings, but also to give the volunteer church members first-hand insight into the life of a missionary. The Missions Exposure started with the Bradford Youth but now is available for all members to join in.


Various trainings are conducted to equip church members with effective techniques and approaches to evangelism, and spur attendees into actively sharing the Gospel in their respective ministries and everyday life. Everyone is welcome to join.

Films Showing

Showing of movies aimed at sharing the Gospel. Movies such as Passion of the Christ, Journey Home, Jesus Film, and the like.

Feeding Programs

We reach out to the hungry by holding regular feeding programs to areas near the main church, and also in Tacloban and Bohol.

CART (Crisis Action Response Team)

We bring relief to areas affected by calamities. Our mission is threefold: Bring (relief and help), Build (rehabilitate), and Bless (plant churches).