The Bradford Children’s Network recognizes the important role that the younger generation plays in accomplishing the Great Commission. It focuses on bringing children into the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, and eventually becoming channels of blessings to their family, friends and community. It supplements the parental role of “training a child in the way he should go” through captivating lessons, special activities and interactive group discussions.

The purpose of the children’s ministry is twofold:

  1. Evangelism – reaching out to kids and their parents and families
  2. Discipleship – training children volunteer leaders to become leaders


BUCCI Children’s Ministry will bring children into the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and mold them to become channels of the Gospel to their family and others.


This can be applied by:

– Faithfully teaching the children the Word of God.
– Exposing them to different church activities for their spiritual growth and development.
– Follow-up through calls or home visits when they miss classes.

Weekly Activities

AWANA / Sunday School Sunday 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM, 5:30 PM
Outreach Bible Studies Sunday at Various Times and Venues

Monthly Activities

Trainings for Junior Leaders Various Times and Venues

Annual Events

DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) Daily during Summer, at various Times and Venues.
Camp Teknon Summer
Kids’ Musical December (2nd week)
Kids’ Day October
Kids’ Christmas Party December
School Supplies Distribution June


Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed (AWANA) is a special curriculum that aims “to help churches and parents worldwide raise the children and youth to know, love and serve Christ”. This was adopted by the network in June of 2012. It focuses on evangelism and discipleship with emphasis on scripture memorization. The children are divided into four teams wherein they worship, play, and learn about the Word of God together. After story-time, the teacher facilitates the small group discussion and the answering of activity sheets to develop a sense of teamwork and further deepen the children’s understanding about the lesson. AWANA is held simultaneously with the worship services.

Outreach Bible Classes

God’s love is not just limited to the confines of the church building, but His heart goes out to every individual. Bradford Children’s Network meets up with children from 16 different outreach areas every week, bringing the message of God’s love.

  • A. Lopez (Canama / Martinez Family)
  • Andres Abellana (Floresca Family)
  • Banawa (Villar Family)
  • Verano Banawa (Calo Family)
  • Basak (Lubon Family)
  • Capitol (Grace Lao)
  • CTU (Cebu Technological University) formerly CSAT (Street Children ministry, in partnership with Operation Mobilization)
  • Forest Hills (Canama / Vaño Family)
  • Guadalupe (Sevilleno Family)
  • Port Area (Port / Street Children ministry)
  • Punta Princesa (Gonzaga Family)
  • Sambag 1 (Bacus Family)
  • Tisa (Suico Family)
  • Tres de Abril (Alfoja / Khu Family)

DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School)

DVBS is a 5-day program held during the months of April and May designed to share God’s Word with children. Volunteer teachers share God’s love with them through interesting Bible lessons, captivating practical applications, fun games and memorable fellowships. DVBS culminates in a graduation ceremony wherein the participants demonstrate what they learned to invited parents and visitors. It is our prayer that the seeds planted and nurtured will grow and bear fruit.

Camp Teknon

Camp Teknon is a 3-day summer camp for kids 4 to 10 years old. It is a wonderful opportunity to direct the kids’ focus and energy into strengthening their spiritual foundation. They learn more about God and His word through fascinating themes, fun games and workshops, exposing them to group dynamics. This program is envisioned to equip them for their future ministry. Summer is not only a great time to have fun but also for the children to discover and develop their potentials.

Kids’ Musical

The Christmas Kids’ Musical showcases the children’s God-given talents. At an early age, BUCCI kids are given the chance to serve the Lord, and recognize the value of sacrificing their playtime in exchange for the opportunity to share God’s Word. This event helps them build relationship with other kids who are equally eager to become instruments for God’s glory. It is also an avenue to hone their skills, which will prepare them to become fruitful servants of God. The musical is open to 6-12 year old kids and happens every 2nd week of December. Practices start as early as October.

Kids’ Day

A whole day event wherein hundreds of kids from the main church and outreach areas gather to have fun, games, fellowship and be blessed with the Word. Lots of food that kids love are also prepared, from ice cream to popcorn to spaghetti, etc.

Kids’ Christmas Party

Is the same as the Kids’ Day, but happens during December. The church also gives gifts to all kids.

School Supplies Distribution

This happens at the start of every school year. The church provides school supplies to kids in outreach areas.

Trainings for Junior Leaders

Kids from outreach areas are trained to become future leaders of their respective areas, so the outreach ministries become self-sustaining in the long run. Trainings happen once a month.