In the 1920s, there was the Snead Dormitory for boys, administered by Dr. George Dunlap. Taught the Christian ways, trained to sing and be involved in church activities, these young boys were expected to become the first batch of active churchmen in the 1930s. Among the noted names from that era were Bob Spears, Eusebio Aguilar, David and Samuel Baclayon, Domingo Garcia, Uriel Leopando, Samuel Patalinghug, Leonardo Tecson, Sofronio Tuada, Ben Belarmino, Gus Santos, and Alfredo Buot. However, more involved with choir and other activities, they turned out to be just an informal group for special activities. World War II further disrupted everything, destroying all structures at the Bradford compound except only the church building. It also took all of 1948-1959 for the newly-formed UCCP to get everything organized and finally get moving among member churches. The men’s organization started to sprout in the 1960s under the initiative of Bros. Meliton Baladjay, Jose DA Diao, Felix Gonzales, Fermin Saberon, Faustino Reyes, Aurelio Gabato, and Geronimo Nazareth. Bros. Baladjay, Gabato, Reyes and Nazareth all subsequently became presidents. In the 1970s, new blood and more members joined the UCM movement. Bro. Cresente Bao-as was elected BUCM President, followed by Bro. Jesus Villamor, who served a total of 11 years. Bro. Reynaldo Ferenal became the next president. He was followed in 1984 by Bro. Robert Schaare, who served a total of 16 years. During the 2000s, leadership passed on to Bros. Charlito Bacolod, Alberto Calo and Jimmy Talam, who continues up to this day and assisted by active officers Macario Domael, John Guelos and Miguel Avanzado.

The BUCM had its own logo, banner, and uniforms. There was the white t-shirt with the BUCM insignia, which was used for informal activities; the chalico-with-hat uniform for formal activities including caroling and church visitation; and the beige-colored choir robe (with accompanying BUCM stole) for worship services. Today, the BMFC uniform is green and white, and there is the Sportsfest Violet-colored Hebrews t-shirts. The Presbyterian-Evangelical character, doctrine, Christian values, dedication, direction and objectives remain the same. Whether carrying out the “Big Brother” program, visiting and assisting our daughter and affiliate churches all around, going out to Madridejos for an evangelistic rally; sponsorship and leadership in the Bowlfests of 1986, 1988 and 1998, the Metro UCM Sportsfest of Oct. 1988, the Cebu Circuit’s (a) Basketball Tournament of 2008, (b) Sportsfest of 2012 and (c) this year’s Sportsfest 2013 entertaining the 1986 National UCM Convention with ala Broadway performances or presenting musical plays and unique presentations during special occasion … onward, the Bradford men continue to march on. In point of infra and material accomplishments BUCM donated a Tape Deck and Recording Facilities for Bradford’s evangelical radio program in the 1980s, the Bradford Church Neon Light, Construction of Pastor’s Office/Counseling Rooms, Bulletin Boards, Social Hall Renovation including sound system facilities, improvement of the Guest House, money worth P 52,700 for Cabantan Church construction, purchase of US-made Baldwin piano, 5 electric fans and curtain for the social hall, a Power Inverter, and a brand new TECHNICS organ, Caroling & fund-rising for God’s Little Acre, the infra projects, sound system facilities; and the elegantly beautiful arched green-granite altar wall with illuminated cross. So, therefore … march ye steadfastly on BMFC for the glory and honor of our Lord!

Weekly Activities

Sunday School Sunday 9:30 AM
B-Groups Various Times and Venues.
Please see the list of B-Groups for more information on schedules, venues and members.

Annual Events

Men and Women’s Sunday (BMFC-DORCAS)  November