The rapidly changing times has created a dark chaotic world, polluting the minds of the young by becoming a sore to the community. Vices, drugs, broken homes and death are all results of the new age. What happened to the world God created? What happened to the man he loved? Why have the children of God become victims of this ruthless, merciless world?

Through the years, the BUCCI children’s ministry developed and helped these young ones to become individuals that God wants them to be–free, loved and full of hope. These are done through the weekly outreach activities and the yearly Daily Vacation Bible Class. But is this enough to really empower them to be active, Godly citizens in their area?

Invading the streets is not an easy task for Christians. The scope of the work involved is so wide yet the workers are few and the focus is limited. That’s why CAMPSTREET is created to narrow our focus so that we can reach our goal at hand. Saved Teens Ready to Exalt, Evangelize and be Transformed (S.T.R.E.E.T) aims to anchor their identity in Christ, help them live a victorious Christian life, and change their lives to become a blessing to their family and community.

Reaching the purpose and vision of the church, “Passion for God and compassion for people”, slowly through these kids, lives change and communities transform through the power of the Holy Spirit active in their lives.


Passion for God and Compassion for People


To become Soul winners and Disciple-makers for Christ

Campstreet 2011

Through the years, the BUCCI children’s ministry has reached out to 12 different outreach areas in Cebu City. Catering to the needs of kids ages 3 to 11 yrs old, it has ministered to almost a hundred kids every year. But as each year passes, little kids will also grow, making it hard for them to relate and join with other younger kids. Each area where kids were taught, many old students particularly the pre-teens ages 12-15yrs old are just hanging around, observing. It was such a waste seeing them, the kids who we have once taught, are now becoming idle. In order to cater to their needs, CAMPSTREET was created as a bridge from kids to youth. This group will support them spiritually and emotionally as they continue their journey with Christ. Campstreet2014

Weekly Activities

Fellowship Sunday 9:00 AM (Andres Abellana)
Sunday 10:00 AM (Forest Hills)
Sunday 2:00 PM (Banawa)

Annual Events

Campstreet A 3-day Leadership Training Camp which will help them develop healthy and godly lifestyle