• Name: Adlaon Evangelical Church
  • Pastors:
    • Rev. Godofredo Ayo (Senior Pastor) (09056065191)
    • Ptr.Marlon Rabuya (Assistant Pastor) (09262382374)
    • Ptr. Harbito Villacencio (09355481515)
    • Ptr. Innocentes Fausto (09361107360)
    • Ptr. Polimar Sergio (09268342702)
    • Ptr. Eliaquiom Rabuya
  • Location:  Tayasan, Negros Oriental

Tamao Evangelical Church is located in Tayasan, Negros Oriental, along the National Highway. In 1971, after 24 years with Tayasan United Church of Christ in the Philippines, couple and church workers, Godofredo Ayo and Toribia Echica Ayo, bought a piece of land near the Barangay Hall, which they consider a reward from God for their faithfulness in the ministry. They saw a need for a church in the place. In July 1973, the couple built a house which became the initial place of worship for a small congregation every Sunday. By God’s faithfulness, the worshipers grew to thirty, who became the pioneers of the church. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Bonifacio Amorgando and Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo B. Soreno. By November 1974, construction of the church building started. Materials were sourced from a forest in the nearby town of Ayungon with the help of the Municipal Mayor, the Secretary and the Barangay Captain of Tambo. Despite many detractors, they were determined to continue the construction of the building. On January 11, 1976, the church building was completed and Tamao Evangelical Church’s first service took place. This date was the fulfillment of everything that they worked for, wished for and even more importantly, prayed for. Among the trials they went through were drunkards throwing rocks at them, mocking them while they were building the church. In a political election, they were branded as rebels, like poison intoxicating the entire community. The Pastor received a threatening letter stating that if the church is not removed from their place, his life would be in danger. By God’s grace, nothing happened. There was also a petition that the church be removed because of the accusation that the pastor was not following barangay rules. In 1998, Tamao Evangelical Church separated from UCCP. The following year, TEC became an affiliate church and joined the first BUCCI Congress. Today, Tamao Evangelical Church, with her seven outreach churches, remains faithful to her call to serve the Lord and share the Gospel.