• Name: Tap-Tap Evangelical Church
  • Pastor: Pastor Steven Rizaldy Ganar
  • Location: Cebu City

The Taptap Christian Fellowship originated out of the challenge to the youth by Elder Doming Arenas. With his lot in Taptap as a base, he dreamt of leading people to God. While Ptr. Rizaldy Ganar was still one of the active leaders in the Bradford youth ministry, he responded to the call of God. With his positive response to God’s call, he encouraged other young people to join him in this Christ-centered endeavor. After the team was formed, they camped immediately in a certain area in Taptap and started visiting and praying from one house to another with only Bibles in their hands. The difficult mountain terrain and unpredictable weather did not stop them from bringing the Good News to the people. Their slippers and their Bibles became their partners in reaching out to the residents. The Daily Vacation Bible School was one of the main avenues in spreading the Gospel. The change in the lives of the children became apparent to their parents. Noticing the interest of the parents, Ptr. Zaldy and the team started Bible study for them. This Bible study group eventually became a church with 30 baptized adults as pioneering members. The Young Adults committed to support the TCF, and scheduled monthly fellowships with the members. Currently, Pastor Rizaldy Steven Ganar, his wife Alice, and team (Kathleen Medora Paderes, Mia Medora, Jesleigh Perez, Ellys Escudero, Kenith Ochiai, and Rex Siao) Taptap Christian Fellowship has officially become one of the daughter outreaches of BUCCI.