• Name: Tawagan Evangelical Church
  • Pastor: Ptr. Cleo James Millamena
  • Location:  Cebu City

This old church situated on the hillside of Barangay Sirao, Cebu City was constructed and organized in 1970 as a Bradford Church outreach. In September of 1992, church workers Leticia Cabungcal and Maggie Novela were assigned by BUCCI to pastor the church. In 2004, Pastor Allan Asilom took over the shepherding of the church. Bible study groups and outreaches were started. In 2013, Pastor Cleo James Millamena was assigned by BUCCI to lead the church. Regular weekly programs include Sunday and Midweek worship services, Sunday school for adults and kids and home Bible studies and visitations. With their love for the Lord and the lost, the church members are reaching out to the entire barangay through Bible studies, and by God’s grace add three new outreaches by 2020.