“There is no good tree which produces bad fruit….
the good man out of the good stored up in his heart, brings forth what is good.”
(Luke 6:43-45)
Christlikeness of the inner being is not a merely human attainment, of course. It is, finally, a gift of grace. Nevertheless, well-informed human effort is indispensable. Spiritual formation in Christ is not a passive process. Grace does not make us passive. Divine grace is God acting in our life to accomplish what we cannot do on our own. It informs our being and actions and makes them effective in the wisdom and power of God. Hence, grace is not opposed to effort (in actions) but to earning (an attitude).

I grew up in a home with no formal religion but as I grew older I knew that I wanted to be a Christian and have a more personal relationship with our Highest Being, but I was intimidated and uncertain about how to find a home church. Living for almost 3 years here in Cebu, I have attended various churches having different approach and flairs of worship, but I always felt like a guest in someone else’s church. But then my faith keeps me to be still and that I should not withdraw all my efforts in searching a stable sanctuary. And so long story- short, it was granted thru prayers by discovering Bradford Church. And by that, I learn so many things, of discovering the greatness of God thru my BS group. I got to develop my spiritual growth and become mature. My groupmates of optimism are warm, welcoming, and friendly. Everyone I have spoken to has been encouraging and supportive and that made me stay up to this recent day. I’ve seen my transformation in the ministry and have learned to do things rightly and understand God’s purpose most especially when I got to meet Pastor Lanz, Ellys, Krista, Jimboy, Michael and Yoy.

Having said that, I started to get involved and had invited in most activities we have in church and flinch to dissect myself of going to parties with friends (not under church) and deflect to what God has plan for me to go into. God’s really good while He’s working on me, knowing and realizing those unwanted wants which desires no to Him and just simply craving for God’s drive, I must say that it’s really a renovation to myself, and I gauged it to what I am now and becoming to be in the long run.

Cam Albania


I will always praise and thank God for letting me be part of a discipleship group. I thank Him for letting me learn and get to know in deeper ways my disciple, Pastor Rex, and my brothers, Caloi and Juvanne. More than being my discipler and my brothers, they are already a family to me, a family in Christ. More important than these, I praise and thank Him for even speaking to me through them. I believe He has been using this discipleship group as one of the venues that, by His grace, I may fall more in love with Him and by His Spirit, I may desire Him more. And for this, He is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving.

It would really be nice to write more on how I am really blessed by this. But no matter how nice and accurate the descriptions are, it is totally different from really being part of it. I pray the Lord would use these words to convict you (who is not yet part of a discipleship group) to consider and pray about it. And by His grace, your journey with Him will never be the same again.

Carl Dakay

Being in a bible study group helped me a lot. Spiritually, emotionally, morally, psychologically and even physically .  (not to mention the food sharing every meeting ) These guys in the group really influenced me in many ways, especially on how I deal with problems, stress, shortcomings, love life and etc.
I’ve been with my bible study group for 10 years now. I was 15 years old back then, right after I met Christ, when someone invited to join her bible study group. I am so thankful that I was invited in the group because it was in there that I was molded, taught, and guided on how to walk in the new life Christ gave me. Right now, I am currently handling two separate bible study groups wherein God uses me as His instrument in leading and guiding others in their daily journey with Christ.
I can say that whoever I am right now is a product of how God transformed me in the way He wants me to be and through the help of my sisters in Christ in the group. It’s really different when you are with friends who know about God’s word, have relationship with Him, and are ready to help you in your daily walk with God.
So to you,who is reading my testimony right now, I am encouraging you to join and belong to a b-group today. It’s not too late. 🙂

Jan Danielle Alfoja-Bation


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
We’re so blessed to have joined the B12 Discipleship Ministry of BUCCI. We started our B-group with two couples and Pastor Macky as our B-group Leader. God blessed our group that we now have 28 regular members plus guests every now and then. We, not only study the bible but also show our problems & blessings from God to each other. We laugh, cry, pray, and sing praises to the Lord together. We call our B-group “The Vine”. It’s a great experience to have fellowship with a true Christian Family. Come join the B12 discipleship ministry now.

Kuya Karl and Ate Emilina Manigsaca



Before I had a BS group, I lived in a Chirstian home. I already grew up knowing about God and his word and how Jesus Christ has saved me but I needed to know more about Him. There was a desire inside of me that simply wanted to have a more closer relationship with God. I once had a BS group in our school but I always get pulled away because it ended so late in the afternoon. No matter how hard I try, I didn’t get the approval from my dad to attend bible study so I gave up. I kept it inside but I really wanted to join a BS group. Then when I was in 2nd year high school, Ate Krizia approached me and asked if I’d ever want to join her BS group. In fact, I was her first ever member if I accepted. I asked dad about it and he said yes but he needed to know where I was and who I was with. I learned a lot from our bible study. I learned to confide most of all to other people. I learned that I can call to God whenever I want to especially when I’m hurt and there are also people around me who care for me. There may be people around me who don’t seem to care but they do. I also learned that there are things worth pruning from your life. These are the things that hinder you from growing into a person that God wants you to be. Pruning these things from your life may be hard but it’s all worth it in the end because God knows what’s best even if everything may not seem like it. Having a BS is a blessing because I can grow more in Christ and even share it to other people so that we can grow together.

– Kristine Cutang



Chaste and pure in service to the Lord. Parthenia may be a fledgling B-group in BUCCI, barely over a year old, but this all female B-group or sisterhood composed of Rexyl, Bien, Crystal, Jan, Joy, Karen, Pam and Retchel has been slowly spreading its wings and preparing to soar to greater heights in their second year all for God’s glory.

Endless laughter and enthusiastic chatters about anything under the sun and the eyes of God. Church ministry is not boring mundane rustics when the heart is for the Lord. Ministry is fun and can range from sharing life stories, biblical truths and godly advices in the weekly B-group soirees over friendly banters with food to cooking for the church outreach and kids ministry to ever kikay makeup sessions.

Joy Puracan