The Emerson Dormitory for girls in the 1920s was administered by Matron Olive Rohrbaugh. It contributed much in molding the Christian women of today. As expected, they became leaders of the Women’s Organization. Among the names from that era were: Nellie Sheehy (Schaare), Natividad Logronio, Rosal A. Acha, Mercedes C. Alino, Carmen Q. Alfoja, Consuelo C. Alpasa, Mary P. Babiera,Percida N. Baclayon, Timotea L. Capungan, Paz C. Canen, Matilde L. Cannen, Lourdes S. Carcedo, Sarah R. Labayan, Guadalupe A. Moran, Timotea G. Ricamora, Severina S. Saberon, Iluminada B. Tirol and Dionisia C. Zafra. Most were involved with the choir and the Student Christian Center and teaching children in the kinder and pre-school grades. In the 1930s, their role was more Mary-and-Martha-like. Called Bradford Christian Women’s Association, during the 1960s-1970s period, their membership greatly increased. Joining the fold were: Clavel Diao, Irene Gonzales, Sarah Abella, Eustaquia Altizen, Nene Bingtan, Epifania Belarmino,Valentina & Soling Canata, Josefa Iyoy, Frances Lumain, Billie Martinez, Nicholasa Alfoja, Rebecca Alforque, Crispina Bacon, Octavia Baliad, Dinah Chiong, Fidelia Go, Ruth Najarro, Adolfa Ranolo, Dolores Reyes, Pacencia Roble, Ester Rustila, Perfecta Sauro, Yolanda Sarael, Rachel Simon, Angela Solon, LorgiaTonacao and Hannah Cannen. The years that followed were added the names of: Asteria Schaare, Anacorita Veloso, Cleofe Gonzaga, Cecilia Ogoc, Miriam Lorenzo, Miami Novela, Lolita Dormitorio, Melcah Bacolod, Adelaida Guelos, Vivian Suico, Milagros Talam, Nora Ludovica, Lutchica Avanzado, Isabel Domael, Esther Rivera, Erlinda Bation, Ynday Iratagotia, Dahl Cesar, Victoria Heruela, Rafaela Abaya, Edna Albo, Rossini Cari-at and Nelly Cal among others.

Sometime in 1979, the BCWA and BUCM joined efforts to construct and operate the church’s Guest House. This facility served the needs of church visitors and transients. At that time, Rebecca Alforque was the president, and evangelism was her passion. Just as BUCM had their “Big Coin Sunday”, the BCWA had also their “Fellowship of the Least Coin”. During the terms of Aster Schaare and Anacorita Veloso, charity work was a major concern. As a result, many indigent people all over the Visayas and Mindanao areas who came to Cebu for medical attention and life-saving surgery were helped. Proceeds from Wedding Decor, Catering and Bazaar (rummage sale) plus the excellent relationship with the doctors and administration of Cebu Community Hospital made all these things possible above all with God’s providence. In 2000, Cleofe Gonzaga became president of Bradford Dorcas (which replaced BCWA), followed by Mrs. Cecilia Ogoc. Their focus was on Visitation and Bible Study. Leadership went back to Aster Schaare, who continues to lead up to this day.  The “Big Sister” program is on, and Charity  Work will continue with revival of Wedding Decor, Bazaar and other fund drives. Glory to God for these beautiful Women!

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