“Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.” (Heb.12:28-29)

We were created to worship God!

Corporate worship is the most important thing here at Bradford Church. Authentic worship is always focused on God alone; it is something we “do,” not just something that we “go to and observe.”

In our worship services, we express to God our praises and adoration, we hear God’s Word proclaimed, offer up our prayers, and respond to God’s teaching by dedicating ourselves to His service. While all those who participate in worship are blessed and inspired, the primary focus of our worship is to humbly seek and glorify God through Jesus Christ our Lord under the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Since our establishment as a church in 1913, Bradford Church has long enjoyed a rich, dynamic and progressive form of worship. From a highly liturgical service in the past to our present moderately traditional, as well as a contemporary one, we remain fervent and faithful in our devotion to God through corporate worship.

“Catching up” with the Times

Through the rapidly changing times, Bradford Church has discerningly adapted with the challenges of the ever-changing world. From our highly liturgical Presbyterian roots before the war, to our “merging” with other evangelical traditions in the post-war decades, and up to present time, we are trying to “catch up” with time by blending in the best of both the old and new ways in worship.

Our journey towards a contemporary form of worship began in 1998 when we started incorporating a short “praise and worship” singing using a live band before the start of every worship service. As the number of young people and young adults are fast growing, the church leaders felt the need to address these growing worshippers by converting the evening service (June, 2007) into a Vesper Contemporary Service where one finds a “not so formal” worship with the blending in of favorite hymns with contemporary songs played by a live praise and worship band.

Since our humble beginnings in 1913 up to the present, Bradford church enjoys worshipping God in both Traditional and Contemporary style with one main goal that is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever! We will continue to maintain what is already healthy and effective, while we strive to improve and engage the Body of Christ in worship opportunities that are participatory, inclusive and responsive to needs that will grow the congregation worshiping together and being sent forth in Christ.

Guiding Principles of Our Worship

  1. Authentic worship is always focused on God alone; it is something we “want” to do, not just something that we’re supposed to “go to” and observe.
  2. Our worship service must be established and guided by Scripture and sound Theology.
  3. Worship services must be God-centered and at the same time “seeker-sensitive,” that is, it must lead every worshipper to a “heart-felt” and “worshipful” experience with God that involves mind, heart, soul, and body.
  4. Effectively incorporating contemporary style with the best of our traditional “Presbyterian” heritage to bring an inter-generational worship style that ministers to the heart and to the mind of the congregation while bringing glory and honor to God.

Our Schedule of Worship Services

Traditional Worship (English) Sunday 7:30AM
Traditional Worship (Cebuano) Sunday 10:00AM
J Centre Mall Contemporary Worship (English) Sunday 10:00AM
Vesper Contemporary Worship (English) Sunday 4:00PM & 6:00PM
Midweek Prayer/Worship (English/Cebuano) Wednesday 6:00PM
Youth Praise Night (English) Friday 7:00PM

How You Can Be Part of Our Worship and Music Ministry

Join our choirs…
  • Covenant Choir sings during the 7:30AM & 5:30PM Sunday worship services. Choir practice every Saturday @ 7:00PM
  • Chancel Choir sings during the 10:00AM Sunday and 6:00PM Wednesday worship services. Choir practice every Saturday @ 5:00PM
  • Youth Choir sings during the 5:30PM vesper contemporary service. Choir practice every Saturday @ 6:00PM
Join our Praise & Worship Team/Band…
  • Singers and music band practice every Saturday @ 6:00PM.
Join our Sanctuary Preparation Team
  • Prepares the altar and sanctuary every Saturday from 9AM-4PM
For more information, please call the church office at 253-4094